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The Surprising Booming Segment of the Economy

15 Nov

The Surprising Booming Segment of the Economy

Since 2016, the real estate industry has shown positive growth. In fact, there is a prediction that the housing industry in the United States will continue to improve until the year 2020. As a result, there has been a hike in real estate prices and interest rates for housing loans.

As a result, people look for medium-sized cities where housing and living costs are affordable. Cities such as Austin in Texas and Jacksonville in Florida have experienced a bump in their population as more and more people from big cities decide to live there. While there are lots of high paying jobs in big cities, an average earner will just be able people’s earnings will be just enough for their daily existence.

Along with the people’s movement to places where housing and living cost is low is the boom in the moving industry. Those who are moving bring with them some belongings such as cooking and dining utensils, furniture, and other valuable items such as their piano. Pianos are considered heirlooms and some of them have preserved these musical instruments through several generations. When they move, the piano is the first thing that they will most likely bring with them.

Moving a piano takes extra care in handling it. How much does it cost to move a piano?  Moving it on your own may cost less than hiring professional movers but this can put your valued piano in the danger of being damaged. The safest way of doing it is by hiring professional movers. This can cost more than doing it on your own but you are assured that nothing bad will happen to your treasured piano. Below are the basis for determining the cost of moving your piano.


Professional movers charge by the hour

The minimum number of hours that you need to pay is three hours. If the destination takes several hours to reach, you multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours it took to move your piano to your new home. Another thing considered is the ease or difficulty of moving it to your new home. If the passageways are narrow and the movers have to climb stairs, the cost can easily go up.  They will have to be to handle it very carefully to prevent damage.


Piano-size and features

A big and heavy piano will cost more to move than a smaller and lighter one. Usually, several persons will be needed to lift the piano. Inform the moving company the type of your piano, whether it is upright or grand. If it is an upright piano, measure its height from the floor to the lid. It is a grand piano, measure the length of the keyboard from its end to the bow. It is also necessary to tell the movers the brand of your piano. It is recommended to have your piano insured before having it moved.

Even if hiring professional movers may be expensive (like an SEO agency), it will be the first thing to do if you want your piano to arrive unscratched and still in top condition.

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