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5 Travel Tips For Spending The Holidays At Disney World

17 Nov

5 Travel Tips For Spending The Holidays At Disney World

Walt Disney World remains one of the most popular family holiday vacation spots. Organizing a family trip to the Disney world can feel overwhelming and stressful which would take away all the joy of the magical experience the Walt Disney world has to offer. We have therefore identified 5 major travel holiday tips to help you plan the perfect family Disney world holiday. They include:


Avoid The Busiest Travel Dates

Traveling to Walt Disney World during the low season periods which include:

  1. September and late August
  2. From mid-November to mid – December excluding the thanking week.
  3. Mid- January through to mid- February.


These periods will often experience reduced numbers which will make exploring Disney world so much easier and less stressful.


Purchase Flight Tickets Before Their Prices Increase

Flight tickets are one of the easiest part of the holiday travels your family can easily save money. We encourage you to book your flights earlier enough before the prices increase. It is also advisable to travel later on the day, traveling at night means the road are less congested and the airport is usually less crowded.


Pack Your Belonging In Easily Carried Backpacks

What are the best bags for Disney World? For you to fully enjoy Disney world you will need to have your essential supplies with you. A messengers bag or totes or back pads are all well capable of holding your supplies, you just need to choose one depending on how much you want to carry.

The best bags for Disney world should be:

  • Medium size with enough room and capacity to hold your most basic supplies throughout the day.
  • Comfort – the shoulder padding should not cause any discomfort to the shoulders as you make your way through the park through the entire day.
  • Durable and water-resistant – rains are common in Orland, thus it is better to have a bag that can keep your content dry.


Stay Sun Safe

Carry and apply sunscreen several times a day especially for the children to avoid sunburns which can ruin the entire holiday. For parents with children below 8 years, it is always important to pack a small first aid kit so as to ensure you can easily deal with the minor standard injuries kids may suffer when spending an entire day at the park.


Listen To Some Podcasts

Finding some Walt Disney World podcasts can help you get some insider information and give your trip a little bit more of magic as they say. For those who have visited Disney world before knowing the stretches between your trips to the resort take up a lot of time. One of the best ways to spend this time is to listen to one of the many interesting podcasts about the Disney Park. From the podcasts, you can listen to reviews of other people trips to the park and listen how their experienced opinions for the park.

Some of the best Walt Disney podcasts include the Passport Moms, Resortloop.com, Capture The Magic Podcast, DFB Podcast, Disney Brit Podcast and many more. The best vacation and trip requires just a little planning and by following the above guidelines you will have a trip that is loved by each and every person in the family!

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